söndag 3 oktober 2010

More from lyon

Oh yeah, and poznan, poland was of course really interesting last night. but yeah. weird... hooking, selling santas and animals for your garden, hard techno and really fucked up amphetamine seems to be the best way to make a couple of bucks over there.
Mixed emotions. can't find the right words... but still... <3

I accidently stole a pack of rolling tobacco from someone in halle the other night.
i also smoke pueblo so I guess I thought it was mine. I am so sorry. If I come back there please steal mine.

oh, and I got this in my mail today, from lyon:

"Hi guys, found these while cleaning my hard disk, taken at Grrrnd Zero 05/05/09"

I remember this night... and the bartender kept telling us "slow down on the beer guys". I can see why.